Glasses is the best way to lose weight

The principle points, designed to reduce weight, extremely simple - they just increase the visual portion of food that is going to eat people. Japanese scientists found that such points on average reduce the amount of food consumed by almost 10 percent.

Points larger portions 50 percent, leaving the size of the plates and arms the same size, i.e. fully visually deceiving the brain. Figure frcones was derived experimentally, researchers have also tested the glasses with reduced portions 33 percent ,and it turned out that then the test ate 15 percent more cookies.

Psychological technique of saturation used by nutritionists for many years, but they advised to just use small plates for a small portion that was not the feeling that food is not enough. However, this method, unlike glasses, which leave a large plate and the food on it increase, not always worked.

Professor Michitaka Hirose believes that developed the most painless way of dieting, which is not felt and leads to a significant decrease in food intake.

The original was a development that has deceived person completely when he was eating diet food, glasses passed the image and the smell of his beloved, but not so healthy food, creating the illusion of diversity. Also nutritionists advise to try is the blue spectacles, because blue food reduces appetite.

Although in Japan the problem of obesity is not so serious as in Europe or the US, Japanese researchers made the discovery, which can be a relief for the millions suffering from excess weight abroad.

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