Glasses from Google allow to distract patients during painful procedures

Not every medical intervention pleasant for the patient. Experts conducted an interesting experience, which proved glasses from Google operate on the patient as sedatives. The video glasses distract from pain and discomfort, according to Live Science. Information scientists have confirmed in studies on patients who were to undergo serious diagnostic tests.

In some cases, doctors give patients before manipulation sedative. Glasses from Google, as it turned out, have a similar effect. Novelty and modern technology distract from pain. In the experiment, half of the patients received video glasses, which was broadcast commercials, the rest of the patients underwent diagnostic procedures without glasses.

Next, the volunteers were asked to rate the level of stress on a 4-point scale. The difference in the stress level among the two groups was 13%. It is particularly important that the glasses didn't disturb the work of medical personnel.

While scientists cannot distinguish when the application points are justified. It should be noted that during the experiments, volunteers were shown exceptionally good videos with no elements of violence and horror. Soon scientists will spend more global experience, with the participation of 500 people.

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