Girls with poor school performance often give birth at an early age

The total development of the person is often influenced by how his fate. As the scientists, girl semiclassical that bad in school, likely to become pregnant in high school, reports Reuters news Agency.

Dr. Krishna Upadhya from the Children's center at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, believes that this pattern depends on the fact that when studying adolescents are based on academic achievement, however, consider their prospects from the point of view of the economy. All this has an impact on the consequences of the risks to which they go. There are cases when this happens unconsciously.

Scientist Ian Bennett from the University of Pennsylvania with a group of like-minded people watched 12339 girls who were studying in 7th class different schools, the total number was 92. The study was continued for 6 years. During this period, 1616 girls managed to give birth to children, and 212 girls of them managed to get 2 or even 3 children.

These studies showed that 21% of those students who were unable to read well, became pregnant and gave birth. Pregnancy in adolescents with typical development was observed in 12 cases out of a hundred, and those Schoolgirls, students ' performance are above average, happened only in 5 cases.

After you have taken into account extraneous factors, it was found that underachieving girls became pregnant and gave birth to 2.5 times more often than their peers.

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