Girls firstborn obese more often than their sisters

Scientists have discovered an interesting fact relative to the formation of the physique of the child. It turned out girls firstborn increasingly faced with overweight than their siblings born later. Within the study, researchers evaluated the body mass index of children and their mothers, says Zee News.

Once again managed to confirm the fact of transfer of obesity is inherited. Women who delivered children with overweight in 29% of cases, were themselves likely to be overweight and obese is 40% more often than their sisters. Scientists suggest, the firstborn, there is an additional risk of development of adult hypertension and diabetes. What is described is a phenomenon until it is difficult to assume. Further research is needed.

Note that in other similar studies, scientists came to the same results. Obesity remains a major problem in the world. Extra pounds is the cause of heart disease, diabetes, diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

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