Ginseng will help to relieve the patients from chronic fatigue

"For patients who are undergoing anti-cancer therapy, ginseng can be a real salvation. This natural remedy is able to actually deliver them from pursuing fatigue, a more chronic nature," says Debra Barton Dr. Cancer center Mayo Clinic.

The effect of ginseng has been tested at 340 patients who have completed treatment or were still on treatment. About 60 percent of them were diagnosed with breast cancer. The volunteers were asked to take in capsules (2000 mg) which was pure powder from the root of ginseng or a placebo.

After 4 weeks there was no marked improvements, but only after eight weeks, patients taking capsules with ginseng, began to feel many times better (improvement estimated Barton, amounted to about 20 percent), writes The Daily Mail. However, side effects were observed.

90% of cancer patients attending fatigue. This symptom is caused by increased concentrations of inflammatory immune compounds of cytokines, as well as the imbalance of cortisol, a stress hormone. And animal studies have shown that ginsenosides are the ingredients of ginseng significantly reduce the levels of cytokines and provide the body with invaluable assistance in the regulation of cortisol.

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