Get rid of harmful noise while he could not kill!

Have you ever wondered about how detrimental effect on the human body noise? Currently, the noise became our constant companion from the day of birth.

However, children tolerate the noise is quite difficult. From the first weeks of life baby it scares sharp conversation, and soft, however, reassuring. Therefore it is impossible in the presence of the baby include loud radio or TV is too heavy for him stimuli. The noise of cars and trains also have a negative impact on children's health, the researchers note. A group of Austrian scientists have established that the higher the level of noise in the external environment, the worse it affects mental-emotional condition of the children, especially premature.

Modern medicine considers the noise one of the formidable enemies of human health. If a person works in terms of noise stress, he quickly gets tired, he feels insomnia, loss of appetite. Noise can cause hypotension from it at the present time often affects children and adolescents. With age, such patients are at risk of hypertension. The high level of noise increases morbidity in peptic ulcer disease, gastritis, and, no doubt, nervous diseases. Further, in addition to hearing disorders, may experience cardiovascular disease, hypertension, violated the metabolism, the activity of the shield-shaped gland. Under the influence of the noise disturbed brain activity - reduced memory, mental performance. In severe cases, may develop mental disorders.

According to the Austrian academic Griffiths, noise shortens the life of 8-12 years. Why? Hearing aid person perceives the force of sound within 0-140 dB. The noise of low intensity effect on people, especially on her psyche, beneficial. Therefore, noise of leaves, rain, the sea, the melody of a lullaby songs that sound with a frequency similar to the frequency of vibration of the eardrum, have healing properties. For example, the rustle of leaves is seen at the level of 5-10 dB, the noise of wind 10-20, whisper - 30-40, quiet conversation - 50-60, vowel conversation - 60-70, sound of jet aircraft - 140 dB. Noise 20-30 dB is virtually harmless to humans, it is a natural sound field, without which life is impossible. Infraspace fix our smaller friends - dogs, reptiles, fish (even the aquarium). So you need to carefully monitor their behavior: if you react violently - be careful, danger is near. Infraspace great power and influence on the human psyche: there is drowsiness, feeling of fear, and the like. But the main consequence of infrasound on living organisms is a disorder of the vestibular apparatus.

Ultrasounds (frequency above 20,000 Hz) are also not perceived by our ear. In conditions of modern civilization powerful source of ultrasounds are numerous industrial processes and transport. The propagation velocity depends on the properties of the environment. I now know that ultrasounds low intensity operate on the set of live objects is a beneficial and high-intensity - harmful (they destroy living cells). In particular, the mechanical factor, the predefined ultrasonic radiation, leads to disruption of the function of certain areas of the body, for example, to blockade the small capillaries clots of red blood cells. Thermal effects associated with the process of absorption of biological tissue ultrasonic radiation, the result of which is part of the energy. This energy is converted into heat and increases the temperature of the body of living organisms. However, a sharp limit between zones of action of ultrasounds low and high intensity does not exist. All depends on the nature of the biological object and a large number of external factors.

From all noise stimuli greatest harm of street noises, for the most part created by vehicles. In addition, in urban apartments from morning to evening you can hear the thunder doors, rolling elevators and trash chutes, there are vowels conversations; at full capacity included radios and tape recorders. Household noise in the apartments additionally create vacuum cleaners, refrigerators and other equipment.

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