Gestational diabetes develops more often than people think pregnant women

To prevent development requires regular checkups throughout the pregnancy. The lack of control on the part of doctors can result in serious symptoms of the health of the woman and the unborn child. Gestational diabetes refers to a group of diseases of metabolism, is expressed in the increase of sugar level in the blood.

Olga Nechaeva, the doctor-endocrinologist Clinical hospital on Yauza, warns: "This is not a rare complication of pregnancy often is not accompanied by any signs and symptoms. However, it is well known that gestational diabetes is a major cause of complications of the fetus and newborn and the mother. First of all, it should be noted that the frequency of such dangerous for pregnant women as preeclampsia, preterm birth and caesarean section is much higher among those who have increased blood sugar levels during pregnancy. Furthermore, the presence of gestational diabetes significantly increases the likelihood of developing non-insulin-dependent diabetes in the mother during life, and in the offspring increases the probability of having obesity and metabolic syndrome".

At particular risk are women with excess body weight and the presence of relatives of diabetes mellitus. Nechaeva glucosetolerance advised to go through the test with the study of venous plasma glucose for all pregnant women to determine the risk of development of gestational diabetes.

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