German scientists: the cause of anorexia lies in the brain

Suffering from anorexia people, look in the mirror, always sees on excessive weight, which, in his opinion, should be reset. Such a perception of your own body occurs as a result of disturbances of cerebral function.

German scientists from Ruhr University Bochum investigated the activity areas in the brain that are "triggered" when a person looks at his body. The study was conducted among 10 women suffering from anorexia and 15 women who did not have such problems.

They were asked to assess the conformity of one's own body and image of the silhouette. Also they had to make the selection of images silhouette photos. As expected, the scientists, anorexics perceived my body differently than healthy women, who considered his figure more slender.

During the study, the researchers recorded the brain activity of the participants. They were especially interested in the activity of the fusiform body and extrastriate crust. As it turned out, when viewing an image, the information was first entered in the occipital lobe of the cerebral hemispheres, and then it was processed using extrastriate cortex and the fusiform body.

In anorexic women, these two areas were interrelated weaker than in healthy women.

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