German scientists: the Caller of the mumps virus man once passed from bats

German virologists proven - the virus that causes mumps (parotitis epidemic), a man once passed from bats. In addition, they found 66 new types of paramyxoviruses. The main carriers of these viruses are rodents and bats, reports EurekAlert. The work of Professor Christian Drosten (Christian Drosten) and his colleagues from the University of Bonn published edition of Nature Communications.

The researchers have made a thorough study of samples from bats and rodents from Europe, Asia and South America. Just they have studied 9278 specimens of different species, including bats in the number 4954 individuals, which are 86 species and rodents 4324 individuals belonging to 33 species. Researchers for selected samples of internal organs, blood plasma, feces and swabs from the oral cavity of the apparatus. Using methods of molecular biology, scientists have identified what types of viruses are the most common among rodents and bats.

Kosten and colleagues conducted a study on the evolution of paramyxoviruses using methods of bioinformatics, and has determined that the mumps virus epidemic man once passed it from bats. They were also able to prove that bats and were the primary carriers of paramyxoviruses. "We made a analysis is clear evidence that almost all of the predecessors of paramyxoviruses modernity existed in the body of bats," says Droste.

The virologists in the course of work managed to make the opening of 66 new types of paramyxoviruses, which equals the number at present known types of viruses of this family.

The viruses that cause mumps and parainfluenza, and measles, are related to the family of paramyxoviruses, successfully breeding in the cytoplasm and have the ability to cause cell fusion. As a result of this merger formed the multi-core cell colossal magnitude. Single-stranded non-fragmented RNA is the genome of paramyxoviruses.

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