German scientists have found that brawl is good for health

Scientists from Jena University Friedrich Schiller found that those people who do not restrain their emotions, live much longer than restrained personality, reports the Daily Mail. In their opinion, the containment of negative emotions is bad for human health.

The study involved nearly 6,000 volunteers. Scientists have measured the pulse, and found that the heartbeat of the people, who had kept his anxiety was markedly increased. This fact gave reason to believe that the suppression of negative emotions can cause hypertension, but also to contribute to other diseases: coronary heart disease to cancer.

Dr. Markus Mende and Christine MITT, which are the initiators of this experiment, called the "repressor substances" those people who tend to hide their emotions behind a mask of external peace, and combined them all at risk.

In his scientific work, which was published in the journal "Health Psychologies", they explained the reason why the average life expectancy is temperamental and fiery Spaniards and Italians for two years exceeds the average number of years of life of the British, who, as we know, are the standards of peace and equanimity.

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From this it follows that such a national trait as temper, is a kind of cause of longevity.

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