German anthropologists: the ancestors of the Indians and Asians lived 40,000 years ago in China

Anthropologists from Germany found that the ancestors of Asians and native Americans are Chinese.

The research team led by specialist Institute for evolutionary anthropology, max Planck Society in Leipzig Svante Paabo, was able to reconstruct the genome of the ancient Asian, thanks to which it became clear that the common ancestors of the Indians and Asians are the ancient people of China, who lived there for forty thousand years ago.

Scientists-anthropologists, was restored genome of CRO-magnon man, who dwelt in the cave of the Countryside. The resulting virtual DNA was compared with the genome of a person living in our days. The result of this comparison, it became clear to scientists that the Y-chromosome CRO-magnon man has to haplogroup "In". The haplogroup "In" are the inhabitants of Polynesia, Melanesia, South Korea, Far East Russia, as well as the Indians.

Was also carried out structural analysis of the pieces of the 21st chromosome, which defined the similarity in the genomes of Asians and the genomes of CRO-magnon. This has led the researchers to suggest that China was one of the "transit" camps of our ancestors, which in those days were busy world colonization.

It should be noted that Svante Paabo in 2009, the year has been to recover DNA from Neanderthals, and in 2010 year - Denisova.

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