Gerascophobia, or what we are afraid of old age

One of the phobias of the present time was the fear of aging. Doctors even called him by a special term - gerascophobia, that is, the fear of aging. As psychologists say, to cope with fear, need closer to meet him. Therefore, before engaging in a merciless battle with old age, let's first review - and what we actually fear when gerascophobia?

Impotence. One of the worst nightmares of any man. Impotence scares men even more than death or cancer. For men the idea that they will not be able to do what was easy is unbearable.

The weakness. Another fear of the stronger sex is a physical weakening of the body. It is the physical force in our view, makes a man a man. However, whatever the physical strength nor possessed the man, still he is not able to fight with nature and with the aging process.

Impaired thinking and memory. With aging is often associated dementia, or memory loss, and Alzheimer's disease, which is the most common cause of this deterioration. The worst thing here is that the probability of such violations is higher for men than for women.

Unattractiveness. Women are designed by nature as being beautiful, it is a fact. Otherwise men would lose interest in them. Sadly, a rare woman becomes more attractive as it approaches old age. Losing beauty, women lose the very meaning of existence.

The loneliness. Unlike most men, women like to be in society. They feel more at ease when there is someone to spread the word, together with something to do or somewhere to go. When the children go to the "Autonomous navigation", and with the death of her husband, the woman often falls into a depression.

Oncology. Aging, women are more prone to certain cancers: ovarian, cervical, breast and duodenum. For this reason, doctors often advise mammograms, smears from cervical mucous and colonoscopy. The need often to go to the hospital only increases fear of the woman that her body slowly becomes unfit for use.

When people better understand your own reasons, to cope with this fear is much easier. Analyze what scares you in aging, and begin, finally, to do something to stop this process! Thus, you give yourself more than a dozen years of productive life lost gerascophobia.

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