Gentle electrical stimulation can be the basis for therapy of Alzheimer's disease

Israeli scientists in the study came to the conclusion that reading books and crosswords can prevent the development of Alzheimer's disease. Experts believe that these everyday activities have an impact on the formation of important connections in the human brain. It is known that one of the forms of dementia - Alzheimer's disease causes an accumulation of beta-amyloid protein. Meanwhile, Dr. Inna Slutsky from tel Aviv University believes that in this case, it is important not the quantity mentioned protein, and the breach between beta-amyloid compounds.

Israeli experts have restored the balance in rodents, who suffered from Alzheimer's disease through the stimulation of brain areas - the hippocampus. It should be noted that this area of the brain responsible for learning and memory. As a result of the experiment, the scientists found that the circuit of electronic impulses restore a healthy ratio of beta-amyloid-40 and beta-amyloid-42. The obtained results have allowed scientists to suggest that electrical stimulation can become a new therapy for Alzheimer's disease. However, to talk about it is still too early, as this hypothesis is not tested among the people.

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