Genital herpes - symptoms and treatment

Genital herpes is an infection that is caused by the Herpes simplex Virus. Approximately 83% of cases of herpes of this type is due to HSV type II; in 17% of cases of HSV of the first type. Importantly, HSV first type is the usual pathogen herpes (cold sores).

How do people become infected

Infection is possible during sexual contact in the rectum, mouth and vagina with someone who has genital herpes. Interestingly, infection usually occurs from a person who has an asymptomatic course of the disease. Also possible to transmit genital herpes to the fetus from her sick mother during pregnancy and childbirth.

Other methods of infection is virtually impossible. Therefore, the cause of the infection cannot be regarded as seats of toilets, baths, swimming pools, shared towels and kitchenware. At the first signs of the disease should immediately begin treatment generalnogo herpes.

Symptoms of genital herpes

In modern medicine distinguishes the so-called primary genital herpes (first cause), and relapse (as you know, this subsequent cases). The initial symptoms of primary herpes are swelling, pain and a burning sensation in the affected area. They may be accompanied by headache, high temperature and malaise. As you can see, the symptoms of the flu.

After a few days on the genitals, you may notice the appearance of small bubbles, which is filled with a transparent liquid. Further, these bubbles burst, and in their place are formed painful red sores. Lesions heal in about 2 weeks.

Effective treatment of herpes

Unfortunately, as the medical practice, to get rid of the virus impossible. So, the treatment is directed to the fact, that the exacerbation of herpes occurred much less frequently, so that the virus did not cause symptoms and are not infected partner.

So, to ensure use a variety of antiherpetic drugs type "Valtrex", "Famvir", "Acyclovir". They are appointed in the period of exacerbation rates dependent on the situation or for a long period of time if the exacerbation occur frequently. High efficacy for the treatment of genital herpes had interferon, for example, "Focused", "Poludan", "Arbidol", "Amiksin," etc.

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Also you need to increase immunity, which designate immunoglobulins and immune-boosting drugs that normalize the immune system. Simply put, you need to treat herpes was long and complex.

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