Genetics will be able to establish the diagnosis in pictures

If diagnosed genetics often spend inspection of a person. Note, about 6% of genetic abnormalities discover quite difficult. Scientists have created a special program that allows you to set the approximate nature of the pathology in pictures, reports New Scientist. The program will help in rapid diagnosis of diseases on various facial features.

At the first stage of a research group from the University of Oxford loaded into the database 1363 pictures of people with 8 genetic diseases (down syndrome, syndrome fragile X chromosomes, progeria)

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Next, the program taught to recognize the deviation 36 facial features: nose shape to the size and location of the eyebrows and eyes. The first tests have proven the accuracy development. The program in 93% were able to identify a genetic disease, although the exact diagnosis machine does not - this process falls on the shoulders of geneticists. In the end, there are other, more accurate methods of investigation of chromosomal pathology.

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