Genetics transform skin cells into brain cells

A group of scientists from the Swiss University of Lund proved that Mature human skin cells can be reprogrammed into cells of the brain, bypassing stem cells. New genetic technology is surprisingly simple and consists in the activation of the three genes in the skin cells, which take an active part in the formation of the brain during fetal development.

Scientists headed Malin Parmar managed to create several types of nerve cells from the skin. Now the study is ready to move to the next level and start experiments on transplantation. From the point of view of possibilities of Mature cells is fundamental for science discovery, because now the dilemma about the use of embryonic stem cells will recede into the background. Moreover, stem cells are prone to uncontrolled division that produces tumors, brain cells, obtained by the new technology, such incidents did not occur.

In the experiment, the scientists were able to bring dopamine brain cell that dies in patients with Parkinson disease. Now the transplantation of brain cells created from the skin of the patients themselves, can significantly promote scientists in the treatment of this disease.

With the opening of Swiss scientists soon the world will be able to postpone the question about the ethics of using stem cells of embryos. Scientists have proven that science doesn't always have to go against conventional morality, and you can find a way to transform cells without using embryos.

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