The researchers were able to find two variants of the genetic combinations responsible for the development of irreversible atrophy of the brain. According to the most widespread theory, the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease is caused by deposition in the brain of beta-amyloid, a special protein. Now, scientists can develop a genetic test that will tell about the possibility of development in an individual of Alzheimer's disease, writes Eurek Alert.

Two variants of the genes ABCA7 and MA4A6A responsible for the degeneration of the brain. Ten years ago none of the scientists did not suspect, however, now being serious talk about the possibilities of early diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

The study involved 50 healthy volunteers and 90 people with mild cognitive impairment, often serving as a sign of the growing Alzheimer's disease. Previously it was thought that nine genetic variants are responsible for the onset of pathology. Now escaped the genes ABCA7 and MA4A6A. Their experts believe the main cause of dysfunctions in the brain.

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