Genetics: the risk of birth of children with serious pathologies exposed to 90% of couples

Specialists research Institute of Denmark conducted a study, which revealed the probability of having children with severe disabilities 90% of healthy couples according to The Age.

In research took part a couple preparing for birth of children.

During observations the researchers compared the probability of having children with cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy and fragile X-chromosome with the birth of a child with down syndrome.

Experts analyzed the results of over 12,000 tests obtained from pregnant women and couples planning the birth of a child, the presence of these pathologies. The research results revealed the speakers of one or more diseases in each 20-m test, while in families of more than 80% of them the disease is not apparent. It was found that about 70% of the women tested were pregnant on the recommendation of gynecologists or specialists in reproduction.

Based on the results of these studies, the researchers insist on the necessity of genetic testing that exclude these pathologies at the planning stage of pregnancy. Currently, only 10% of couples preparing for the birth of a child, are similar studies that 80% of moms-to check for down syndrome. The experts recommend to extend the scope of research to protect the unborn child from the possible pathological manifestations.

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