Genetics plan to restore the deadly strain of cholera

Genetics want to recover DNA from the strain of cholera 19th century, the causes of the epidemic, which spread around the world. This became possible after receiving the information: in Italy there are burials of the victims of cholera those times. It can be assumed that the remains of V. cholerae was left, and on their basis to realistically recreate the strain of the 19th century.

There are two kinds of cholera: the classic source of the epidemic in the 19th century) and modern (cholera El tor). Despite the development of medicine, every year from cholera dies 120 thousand people. Most cases occur in areas with low living standards and poor system cleaning and chlorination of water.

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The study of the re-establishment of the old strain must open the curtain on the mysteries of V. cholerae. Scientists are interested in the reasons why one type of the pathogen has been replaced with another. This will require a deep analysis of the genomes of bacteria.

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