Genetics learned why Hydra is immortal

According to German scientists, the presence of the freshwater polyp Hydra a specific gene, called the "immortality gene", provides animal immortality.

Back in the 19th century it has been hypothesized that the Hydra can theoretically be immortal. In 1997 a scientist Daniel Martinez was able to prove it. For four years he conducted an experiment that showed that three groups of Hydra did not die as a result of ageing. The reason for this is the high regenerative capacity of the Hydra, which directly affects their "immortality".

By assumption German researchers from the Christian Albrechts University, longevity small inhabitant of river bottom provides FoxO gene. According to News, the regulation of the aging process is associated with this gene, which is found in humans, which explains the great interest of scientists showed for scientific research.

Experiments on Hydra has allowed geneticists to conclude that maintaining the active state stem cell gene FoxO, providing constant renewal of body tissues. According to scientists, the human body may flow similar processes. For example, it is known that the activity of the FoxO gene is stored in long-lived over a hundred years.

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