Genetics has revealed the mechanisms of resistance of hospital bacteria

Genetics have revealed that helps hospital bacteria quickly develop resistance to modern antibiotics. Proven, in-hospital infections are the most dangerous bacterial diseases. The strains are resistant to conventional treatment means and requires a special approach, writes Medical Express.

It turned out the secret of resistance of bacteria lies in the plasmids, small DNA molecules that are outside of genome chromosomes. Such genetic material develops Autonomous and stores the information about the cell. Some plasmids, scientists, carry genes for antibiotic resistance.

They have confirmed the link between plasmids of some bacteria and the development of resistance to carbapenems. Note, carbapenems are some of the most powerful antibiotics. Enterobacteria can easily bypass the action of this group of drugs, move freely and reproduce in conditions of antibiotics.

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Enterobacteria found in 4% of all medical institutions of America. Changes in the plasmid can be done from the relative safety of the terrible bacteria strains that are resistant to the strongest antibiotics.

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