Genetics from London to step away from the development of a new method of treatment of diabetes

Scientists from London revealed the formation mechanisms of diabetes is influenced by genetic factors, says CTV News. Heredity is one of the main factors determining the development of diabetes first and second type.

Diabetes is associated with lack of in the body to insulin. The disease develops at an early age (usually from 8 to 20 years) and is determined by autoimmune processes, genetic factors.

Diabetes type II diabetes develops due to poor nutrition, physical inactivity. The genetic factor is also recognized scientists.

Researchers in a series of experiments could slow down the processing of glucose in the blood of mice. Need a change in just one gene. It is possible to improve the metabolism in laboratory animals, to establish cellular nutrition.

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Scientists have accelerated the process of insulin production and the number of beta-cells that produce the hormone. It is quite possible that in the future technology will form the basis of new drugs for the treatment of diabetes.

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