Genetics found a way to identify aggressive cancer among tumors

Genetics is extremely perceptive direction. Genetics often collaborate with physicians and scientists in different directions, which makes new discoveries in this field. Recently, scientists medical research Institute Berghofer found specific molecule that is part of the RNA. It turned out that the connection was not included with aggressive tumors, writes The Indian Express.

mRNA, which is present in most cells, is absent in rapidly growing tumors. A molecule acts as a brake genetic program. It controls the growth and division of tissue. Its absence often leads to uncontrolled division of cells, which are undifferentiated, there is formed a cancerous tumor. Scientists have noted that especially this process is common in the development of breast cancer, when the cancer process is spreading rapidly through the lymphatic ducts spreads to other organs and tissues.

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This type of cancer can be treated successfully in case of early diagnosis. The presence of metastases dramatically reduces the survival rate when breast cancer. Even a five-year survival rate is at the level of 21 percent. This discovery in the field of genetics will allow us to develop better tools that help the body in fighting cancer process aimed affecting the target tumors.

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