Genetics develop a program to slow the aging people

Director of the Institute for research on aging Tank (USA) Brian Kennedy believes that soon genetics are standing on the threshold of new discoveries. Soon scientists will be able to control the aging process and slow it down. Information leaked to the press conference on genetics in Sochi.

The conference was attended by research teams from 20 countries. Genetics on the first day of the conference stated that the series of experiments on simple organisms was successful. The next step will be projecting bad experience for people.

Scientists hope that soon they will get positive results and will be able to prolong human life. Today, we have a drug to slow down the aging process in laboratory mice. It remains only to reprogram and adapted for use within the human body.

It is interesting to follow the development of genetics in the world. Scientists have learned to manipulate genes, which are known to form a person's health on the third. Full control genes will greatly increase the life expectancy. Some experts believe that people can live 2-3 times more, if artificially cause some genetic mutations.

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