Geneticists have learned how to prevent the formation of cancer cells

Scientists have learned how to stop the process of transformation of healthy cells into cancer cells. The results of the study published in Nature Communications. The authors found that certain molecules govern cellular processes. When the cell receives too many signals, it can develop into cancer. Next, there are two ways: the destruction of isolated cells of the immune system or the development of cancer.

Failures in ERK signaling pathway, according to scientists, the cause of 85% of cancers of all types. Geneticists have developed a method, his work is reminiscent of "spam filter" for email, true "signal spam" in the form of extra information is blocked on a cellular level in vivo.

An active connection is not just blocks the delivery of the pulse, it generates a false execution of the specified signal to be sent malicious information is sent again and again.

Scientists have high hopes for his discovery. It is possible that the method will be the basis for new drugs against cancer.

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