Geneticists have found the cause of bad memory for faces

Scientists research center at Emory University, University College London and the University of Tampere has conducted a study and found that the gene that determines the relationship between mother and child, helps to recognize and remember faces, says Business Standard. This study proves for the first time the relationship of the structure of genes and the ability to remember faces.

Scientists have found that every third person has a particular genetic variant, which does not remember the face and quickly to remember the person at the meeting. In the study, 198 families with a child with autism, we have analyzed the structure of a particular gene from the parents and the child. In addition, scientists were interested in the structure of the gene that determines the receptor activity of the enzyme oxytocin among all participants of the experiment.

Studies conducted earlier, prove that the oxytocin receptor is required for recognition. The data were confirmed in experiments involving laboratory rats, which for recognition of their animals use the sense of smell. Scientists have found that similar mechanisms exist in humans.

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Genetic analysis revealed the pattern of changes in the DNA receptor. It is this part when genetic meet in person for the process of face recognition. This allows to make the assumption that the receptor is extremely important for the processing of incoming information of a social nature. Scientists say that most autistics this process is violated.

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