Geneticists have discovered a protein that affect the sugar levels in pregnant women

Scientists from Duke University have identified: the activity of a gene HKDC1 may become a valuable diagnostic criterion, which tells you the probability with which a pregnant woman will face high blood sugar (hyperglycemia). Women with a low number of HKDC1 more commonly found violation processing glucose, reports Zee News.

Hyperglycemia is a stressful for the fetus and the mother. The increase in blood sugar of the fruit can several times to increase the risk of developing diabetes first and second type. Scientists deal with the problems of the metabolism of glucose for 40 years. Proven, there are four basic elements necessary for proper energy metabolism.

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To date, all the treatment of diabetes looks like a "patch" on the torn tissue. The drugs do not eliminate the cause of the disturbed metabolism, but regulate the level of sugar in the blood. Patients with diabetes should be on continuous therapy throughout their lives after diagnosis. The opening of the fifth element - substance HKDC1, scientists believe, may turn upside down all the fundamental knowledge collected about diabetes and other metabolic disorders.

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