Genetically modified rice for the production of red blood cells

It is quite possible the donation of blood will soon become yesterday, scientists from the Chinese University of Wuhan has developed rice, assisting in the production of key components of the blood. Entered from a plant of rice proteins contain the genes of people and can be used in hospitals to treat victims with burns and people with large blood loss.

Donor blood is divided into three components: red blood cells, plasma, which basically consists of HSA protein ( serum albumin), blood platelets, used for blood clotting. The most abundant protein in human blood - HSA, it helps to regulate the pressure, carries the body hormones and minerals and removes harmful toxins. The demand for serum albumin is estimated at 500 tons per year worldwide.

Dr. Daichang young, author of the study, developed the method of insertion in the Asian rice with human genes, turning plants in biological factory, producing identical to human proteins.

Produced genetically modified rice protein identical HSA found in the blood. Tests on rats showed that there is no adverse reaction of the body.

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