Genetically modified foods (GMOs)- the harm or benefit?

Considering the topic of GMOs, it is surprising that scholars have not yet agreed on them, but add in food, and people eat them and don't know it. Many do not even know what is GMO and do not attach importance to the food that is eaten.

GMOs were created using genetic engineering techniques, allowing to impart specific properties to the microorganism, animal or plant to enter into its genome one of the fragments from the DNA of another organism. As example can serve as frost-resistant tomatoes, received the gene from frost flounder from Arctic waters. The potato was introduced gene of bacteria that are harmful to this insect, as the Colorado potato beetle. More nutritious and made rice, introducing the female gene that is responsible for the composition of the milk of the woman.

Now some vegetables with the presence of GMOs can water salt and fresh water. With the same purpose of adaptation to salt water gene was introduced salmon and cows giving milk of high fat content. Genetically modified foods fill the world market, although there is a risk environment that is associated with the problems created by the cultivation of GMOs. Not excluded and nutritional risk, as ascertained cases of allergic reactions and poisoning on alien protein in people who transgenic products: soybean, corn, transplanted the genome of Brazilian walnut.

Transgenic corn was introduced in confectionery, pasta and pastries, carbonated drinks, soy - refined oils, the composition of fats for baking, sauces and mayonnaise for salads, cooked sausages, confectionery and macaroni, protein supplements, including food for dogs and cattle, part of baby food. The food industry has introduced products in emulsifiers, fillers, thickeners and stabilizers with the addition of transgenic soybeans.

Absolute confidence in the dangers of GMOs no one else. But if you ask the inhabitant over the age of 85-90 years, what they ate and what was added in pies and food, in return you can hear that they used only natural fats: lard, butter, vegetable oil, bacon and did not use margarine, little used corn oil.

With the constant advertising of products with a low fat diet and regular diets with margarine and complex carbohydrates began to appear more obese people with diabetes, metabolic syndrome and dementia of Alzheimer's disease. This suggests that because of the oils derived from soybeans and corn (omega-6 oils) have inflammation and diseases. The conclusion: omega-6 oils of these plants are harmful to the human body due to chemicals causing inflammation, clog arteries and contribute to the development of cancer, autoimmune diseases and dementia, that it was found in the result of researches of the American scientists.

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