Genetic weight: weight control possible

New research shows that genetics does not determine the fate of 100 percent and a possible weight control in a physically active lifestyle.

It is proved that the FTO gene causes obesity. It was previously thought that caused the genome completeness complex correction, but a new study published in PLoS Medicine showed that in General, it depends on physical activity. The study found that the risk of obesity in people with this gene is reduced by 27 percent with regular physical activity.

"The conclusions of our work are of great importance for practical medicine, as they emphasize the importance of modification of lifestyle in the direction of regular physical activity for people with genetically determined obesity", said Ruth Loos, leading specialist of the medical research Council Cambridge.

"Hereditary obesity is only a distraction from the problem, as recommendations for weight correction for all patients are identical, and include the modification of lifestyle and nutrition," says Dr. lenert Veerman from the University of Queensland in Australia.

In any case, now the excuse "it's my inheritance" is inappropriate and should fight for the reduction of extra pounds.

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