Genetic therapy will help to get rid of rare skin diseases

Therapy based on stem cells will help to get rid of a rare skin disease, scientists believe. Bullous bullosa characterized by the formation of voids between the cells, which are filled with fluid. The result is the formation of bullous lesions. Studies have shown that stem cell transplantation allows you to enable the repair process of the skin. Findings were published in the scientific journal Science 20.

Scientists from the University of Modena and Reggio Emili confirmed the efficiency of this method. Stem cells were removed from the hands of the patient. Then changed their genetic structure. After preparation of the cell culture was transplanted to the leg region. The new method made it possible to treat bullous bullosa. Scientists note that the transplanted skin was well accustomed, and the process of exclusion did not occur.

A rare disease characterized by the loss of connections between skin cells. A small injury leads to breaks with the formation of voids, bubbles, liquid filled. In some cases, this process goes on the digestive system, forming areas of damage in the mouth and esophagus. Special danger lies in the accession infection and generalization process.

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