Genetic tests as a cause of anxiety among the population

With the advent of frequent companies providing consumer genetic tests about the predisposition to a particular disease ( the cost of such tests may be equal to about $ 2500), have a new problem - excessive anxiety and consumer discovered the likelihood of disease.

Directorate for quality control of food products and medicines of the USA believes that genetic tests should be carried out only by the doctor and right, the consumer should not be able to order your own genetic test for the disease.

Solely on the basis of genetic analysis, many patients show such concern about their health that used to constantly think about their health and begin to suffer from hypochondria.

However, the stress level comes to normal after a genetic test. And for those people whose genetic risk showed a low probability of disease, for example, prostate cancer, showed lower levels of stress later years compared to the population, not conducting the tests.

The authors noted that the need for genetic tests to determine the probability of disease among the population remains doubtful.

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