Genetic testing conquer cancer

Doctors from Harvard medical school study method for improving the treatment of cancer using genetic tests.

The definition of a genetic mutation that allowed the spread of cancer cells, an first stage of treatment to significantly reduce the time of selection by the doctors of adequate drugs aimed at inhibiting specific mutations.

This method of treatment is directed solely against malicious cells, whereas chemotherapy causes more damage throughout the body as a whole.

Choosing the right therapy increases the number of "respondents" drug patients by 30 percent, and the survival rate can rise up to 70 percent, " said study leader Lecia Sequist.

At the moment this approach to treatment has improved the quality of treatment of patients with lung cancer, and now scientists are developing similar methods for colorectal cancer, breast cancer and brain cancer.

Trials have already been conducted in 353 patients with cancer, all of them revealed a special form of gene mutation.

Soon a genetic test will help doctors accurately locate the patient the cure for cancer, which ,we hope, will lead to the development of potent drugs that can give complete healing.

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