"Genetic parasites are responsible for the development of schizophrenia, scientists say

Research group of Japanese scientists from the University of Currents conducted a study which revealed that one of the causes of schizophrenia are hyperactive retrotransposons, the so-called "genetic parasites. These agents have a damaging effect on the genetic apparatus of the body, disrupt the transmission of nerve impulse along the fibers to the brain.

The author of the research Kazuya Iwamoto believes that the role of the development of schizophrenia are particularly badly affected by retrotransposons LINE-1. Transposons operate on the principle of a virus or parasite. A specific segment of DNA is embedded to the genetic apparatus of the cell. After that, the plot multiplies and integrates into other areas of the genome. It should be noted that useful information transposons in themselves do not bear, that is why scientists called them "genetic parasites".

For research scientists have decoded the DNA of brain cells dead people with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. In nuclei was detected anomalous concentration of transposon LINE-1. This transposon has a negative impact on the nervous tissue and increases the action of environmental factors.

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Earlier studies in this area prove that schizophrenia is a genetic condition, which is formed predisposition. The data were confirmed after the experiment involving mice and monkeys.

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