Genetic engineering saves the lives of patients with HIV - scientists

The change in the structure of the genetic material of HIV patients helps to develop the necessary resistance to the virus, writes The Daily Mail. Experts believe in the safety and efficiency of the method. In the future this kind of therapy will be able to play along with traditional medicines. A modern method based on information about a double copy of the gene in defense against HIV one percent of the people on the globe.

Today, geneticists are developing a method of transformation of the gene. It is known that infection of cells involved CCR5 protein. So, if you interfere with its synthesis, the process of infection will not occur. The Company Sangamo BioSciences Inc. already engaged in the production of the drug on the basis of a given protein. Scientists have confirmed the effectiveness in the study, blood samples of 12 volunteers.

The blood cells were added to the drug, the resulting suspension was administered to volunteers back. After four weeks, patients were temporarily deprived of basic therapy. As a result, the virus was activated most volunteers, however, the cells were protected from it, actively bred and lived longer than usual.

Of course, the new method has several disadvantages. But it is worth remembering that a full-fledged anti-HIV drug does not yet exist. Proposed therapy allows you to transfer the disease into a chronic and control it.

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