Genetic analysis says: migraine causes X chromosome

"With genetically oriented therapy unbearable migraine attacks can go back in time. Professor Lyn Griffiths identified a new area in the X-chromosome that is associated with headaches", the newspaper writes DNA India.

It is quite possible that there are other genetic feature. In particular, in the field of view has got the gene, which is associated with the adjustment of the quantity of iron in the brain. Taking into account the fact that women have two X-chromosomes, it becomes clear why in the women's environment is quite common migraine.

"Today, about 12 percent of the population suffers from Migranian pain. Although in the Arsenal of doctors there are very effective methods, because the therapy is not universal and, alas, it all helps. Moreover, certain drugs can have side effects. Genetic research can change the view of this disorder," says Griffiths.

The study of X-chromosome was performed using a population of Norfolk island. Analysis of chromosomes in total was carried out on the material that was provided by people in the amount of three hundred people.

On the island about 80 people about their ancestry to know everything, and can easily trace it up to the founders of the first settlements, which makes their genome is just a completely unique material for research. Plus, the local population often suffers migrainelike pain.

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