Genetic analysis of the tumor will help you to find effective therapy

Scientists report: precise selection of drugs against tumors based on their genetic composition will help to increase the effectiveness of therapy and to save a huge amount of human lives. The study, affecting more than 5,000 people have proved that the exact genetic analysis allows you to designate drugs that act specifically on this type of tumor.

Today tumors are divided into types on the basis of microscopic examination. But this is not enough, scientists say. Medical genetics in Oncology is a definite trend and allows you to get more information about the cancer process, writes the BBC.

A group of scientists headed Novel by Thomas conducted a study in which he analyzed the genetic composition of 5000 lung tumors. This experiment allowed us to differentiate different types of cancer genetic differences. Scientists say that some tumors looked the same under the microscope, but had a completely different structure of the genes that allowed them to relate to different groups.

Precise targeted treatment can save many lives and use only effective drugs that act on a specific type of tumor.

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