Genes snails will help to delay the onset of old age

Scientists from Australia interested in the ability of snails to somehow slow down the aging at a time when they are dormant. They tried to find these genes, which allow the snails to stop time during their stay in hibernation, reports the

The authors are scientists from the University of the sunshine coast. Their survey found that shellfish can increase the duration of their life is almost 8 times - from 3 years old to 23-ex. In terms of human life is obtained from 70 to 550-I.

The researchers suggest that the snail is able to do because of specific genes and neurohormones, which cause them to have a state of "hibernation", which is also known under the name "estivation". This special condition, during which the snails hibernate, which can last several months, in the hot season. According to experts, people can also be these genes, as half of the human genes similar to genes snails.

Australian scientists hope that their search will lead to positive results, and people medicine to learn how to enter patients into a state of suspended animation. This will enable more effective treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and cancer, as well as increase the safety of organs intended for transplantation.

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