Genes for homosexuality are passed from mother to son

It turns out, for the sexual orientation of the men largely responsible genes that have already called gay genes. Italian scientists suggest that homosexuality is passed to the man with the mother's genes.

Is the gene responsible for non-traditional orientation, can be inherited from sons to mothers, and women of the gene responsible for large families.

Dr. Andrea Camperio Ciani from the University of Padua decided to find out why homosexuality does not disappear with the development of mankind, because it is in itself leads to the cessation of reproduction, and therefore, his genes would soon disappear from the entire human race. It turned out that the gene for homosexuality, if it manifests itself in women, meet them for increased reproductive ability, as a consequence of male homosexuals often are born in large families, and women with this gene increase the probability to give birth to a son with non-traditional orientation.

"This gene is not transmitted directly, but may indulge from generation to generation, kept in the family genes in the X chromosome that is inherited through the female line," says Andrea Camperio Ciani.

Surprisingly, if a gay gene prevents procreation among men, among women it is on the contrary increases fertility, moreover, women with this set of genes more attractive to men. According to Italian scientists, this kind of natural balance, which helps women to produce more offspring in contrast to men who do not procreate.

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