Genes are pushing women to change - scientists

Infidelity is a quality that is inherited, according to scientists from the University of Queensland. In the study, they have found a gene that determines the propensity of women to change. We emphasize that for one quality meet thousands of genetic structures, and not the last role is played by the education of the person. Scientists plan to conduct additional testing in this area, writes The Hindustan Times.

Only the study involved 7300 twins, having had a long family relationship. The age of the volunteers ranged from 18 to 49 years. In 9.8% of men and 6.4% of women during the year was not one sexual partner, and two or more. Scientists have tried to explain the reason for the change from the point of view of genetics.

It turned out that 40% of women and 63% of men there is a genetic predisposition to treason. The modified gene AVPRIA defines infidelity person. Of course, in addition to gene, internal quality is influenced by many factors, which remains to be explored.

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