Genes are not responsible for the level of intelligence

Genetic factors only partially affect our level of intelligence, while environmental causes have a larger impact on what we will be. Scientists from Sydney conducted tests of intelligence in children, and then repeating them on the same respondents, but in old age. In General, the result remained the same, except for one curious feature that scientists have noticed: children, issuing a high level of IQ, age lost a few points, and those who have not previously achieved a great success in tests, on the contrary showed a better result than before.The researchers, led by Peter Vishera from the University Kinsella ,seek to understand what motivates these cognitive changes during a person's life.This experience was made possible thanks to Professor Jan diri and his team from the University of Edinburgh, on whose initiative tests of mental development were conducted in almost all children born in Scotland from 1921 to 1936. The authors current research deducted from the array of all who further stratum neurological disorders and found 2,000 people willing to take the test again, already aged 65 to 79 years.The researchers then conducted a search of identical genetic markers in people with high intelligence, but the hypothesis was not confirmed. The result soon showed so important environment and development, in order to age without losing the sharpness of mind.Specific geneticist or environmental factors that affect the level of intelligence, have not been identified .

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