Genes are crucial in the formation of type II diabetes

Genetic factor is one of the key reasons for the formation of some multifactorial diseases. These include diabetes mellitus. If diabetes of the first type has always been known that the disease depends on many genes, type II diabetes initially it was different, writes Science World Report.

Previously, scientists believed that the second type of diabetes is formed due to malnutrition, poor environment and lack of exercise. Specialists from Medical school Icahn has studied all the factors and found that genes in the formation of the pathology are in the first place.

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However, this opinion has already argue reputable scientists from leading institutions. The study took into account only sports activities, daily physical activity is simply not considered. Note, it is, according to most, save us from obesity and, consequently, of diabetes. So no problems with genetic apparatus should not distract obese patients. The opinion that "diabetes is a disease of the lazy old and adheres to the scientific majority.

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