Gene will help to calculate future alcoholics

Scientists announced the discovery in the human DNA of the gene, making it possible to identify potential drunks in advance. At the conclusion of British scientists from king's College London, human DNA determines its propensity to alcoholism.

Experts say that gene found in human DNA, inducing propensity to drunkenness. When drinking this gene causes an increase in the body's level of dopamine, a hormone responsible for feelings of pleasure.

According to the Russian service of the BBC, with the discovery of the gene drunkenness experts hope that the identification of potential alcoholics and prone to alcohol abuse people in the early stages for maximum treatment effectiveness.

American scientists last year the essential role of dopamine for the formation of addiction to alcohol. For men this is the most typical. Another important result of the study is that repeated use of alcohol decreases the levels of secreted dopamine. Experts believe that this is one of the signs that tolerance develops to him. Journal Biological Psychiatry has published the results of observations of scientists.

Last year, a psychologist from the University of Nebraska Scott Stoltenberg received data about strong ties hasty decisions with addiction to alcohol and tobacco. In the study, they found that impulsive behavior of men is caused by a mutation they have a certain gene, forming bad habits. Interestingly, mutation of the gene had no effect in any way on the female character.

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