Gene therapy will help to get rid of heart failure

Heart failure is a common disease of modern man. Annually from this disease kills thousands of people. Recently, scientists have discovered an innovative tool that can get rid of this ailment. The drug reduces the size of the hypertrophied heart and includes gene SUMO-1, which allows to improve the functioning of the authority and to provide organs and tissues necessary blood volume, The Daily Mail reports.

Scientists say that the drug should be injected directly into the heart muscle. Study author Dr. Roger Hajjar reports that plans to conduct clinical trials with the participation of volunteers. It should be noted that for Hajar this is not the first experience in creating a drug based on the genes. Previously, he invented tools, capable of producing the enzymes necessary for the regulation of calcium concentration in the cells. A drug called SERCA2 has the opposite effect and strengthens the heart, increases its size.

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