"Gene of mind" extends life - scientists

Experts from the University of California established that about 20% of the population of our planet has "the genome of the mind", prolonging life and improving mental abilities. The owners of this genetic patterns are larger anterior region of the brain responsible for decision making and planning.

"Gene" mind encodes a protein Klotho. This connection is contained in the brain and kidneys. Protein regulates biological processes occurring within a living organism. 20% of people have the gene KL-VS, improve kidney and heart. Approximately 3% of people have two copies of the gene. It is proved that in this group the life expectancy is slightly higher.

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"For a very long time we knew that people lose their cognitive abilities as they age, although now it becomes clear that factors such as protein Klotho may make people more resistant to aging. This feature Klotho protein as the genetic variability could help us to predict the health of the brain and find a way to protect people from the devastating diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia," says study author dena Dubal.

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