Gender affects the chances of healing of certain illnesses

Research in the field of medicine over the last forty years were mainly focused on males. Doctors until now do not know much about gender differences in diseases, especially in cases of their symptoms, and consequences of their prevention and treatment. Italian scientists from the University of Padua have established the differences between the sexes in 5 health: heart disease and blood vessels, liver disease, pharmacotherapy, osteoporosis and cancer.

Thus, heart disease differ in their symptoms. Men heart attack manifests itself in the form of compression of the chest, and pain, which pass through the left hand. Women is lower abdominal pain and nausea. That is why often the patient is female not pass such required examination as coronary angiography and ECG.

Colon cancer is the second most common form of cancer in both men and women. It should be noted that to diagnose this form of cancer in women manage much later. In addition, in women, tumors located in other places, and they respond better to treatment with chemotherapy. Gender has a direct impact on the patient's response in relation to the course of chemotherapy during treatment of skin cancer, lung and colon. Thus, depending on what sex belongs to the patient, increase or decrease his chances of survival.

The same conclusion can be attributed to the incidence of osteoporosis in men, despite the fact that this disease occurs mostly in women. The study found that osteoporosis is very often overlooked by the men of the mind, and yet, it affects the high mortality rate among those suffering from bone fractures men.

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