Gel with chlorhexidine to help cope with the infection in newborns in developing countries

The doctors performed the first tests of the gel is an antiseptic. It includes widely known chlorhexidine. The gel helps to reduce the number of infections after cutting the umbilical cord of newborn. In the developing countries of Africa, this problem is still relevant. From the infection of the umbilical cord still kills a large number of babies. The first gel was applied in 2011, however, the first conclusions about the effectiveness of the funds have been received the day before, writes

Thus, the use of gel reduced the mortality rate in Nepal among infants of 23%. This mill was the first to receive a batch for testing. Today, the facility entered service in Nigeria and Madagascar. The state of medicine in Africa leaves much to be desired. In Nepal, for example, the number of physicians does not exceed two thousand and hospitals - 100. This is a major cause of birth in unsanitary conditions and without the participation of medical specialists.

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The purpose of the funds based on chlorhexidine - to prove to the residents of harm from traditional medicine for children. Often the wound from umbilical parents sprinkled turmeric, mustard oil. These substances significantly increase the risk of secondary infection and death in infancy. In addition, traditions involve the maintenance of mother and child locked in the first 11 days after birth. Conditions, of course, leave much to be desired.

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