Gel algae will reduce the amount of food consumed

"To truly make a real breakthrough in nutrition can Supplement with fiber, which is sourced from algae. On the urgent representations of experts, if these Supplements are taken before a meal, then losing weight will be much easier," reports Reuters.

However, there is a problem: in the process of testing supplements the majority of participants were not able to survive more than a few months in connection with an unpleasant taste and side effects, one of which is trivial diarrhea. It should be noted, scientists have long enjoyed the attention the fact that algae contribute to appetite suppression. But earlier created supplements caused severe swelling and had even more disgusting taste.

Says Dr. erne Astrup from the University of Copenhagen: "the New additive is many times better than the previous supplements, though it's still ideal is still far. At its core is extracted from seaweed alginate thickener. Once in the stomach, it begins to expand and forms a thick gel. The person creates the effect of satiety, and this effect lasts for several hours.

For surveys of dietary supplements were formed two groups. In each group there were 48 people. Additive gel seaweed helped to get rid of 6.8 kilograms, but in the group using a placebo, weight loss was about 5 pounds, but the subjects had to follow a diet. Unfortunately, capsules gel from algae, not reduced pressure, because there was a high concentration of salt.

Scientists, who are engaged in the development of additives algae, called nutritionists do not rush to make any conclusions. Algae there are many who want to lose weight all the same have to count calories. Astrup together with colleagues already working on a new bad.

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