Gatherings with friends at the bar, improve mental state men

A study of Scottish scientists proves that visiting bars significantly improves the mental state of the men. Data, writes The Daily Mail, were confirmed during the survey.

Regulars bars, men 30-35 years, admitted that after sitting at the bar over a beer they feel much better. Alcohol and atmosphere help to relax, to open up and forget about the pile of problems. Intoxication allows you to get rid of stereotypes and feelings, share my soul with his companion.

It is noted that pubs and bars are one of the few places where a man inclined to share their emotions and experiences. In ordinary life it is very rare. Under the influence of alcohol male sex becomes more at ease in communicating. Contribute to this male company. However, the joint consumption of alcohol often leads to excess that threatens health. It is proven that excessive alcohol consumption increases the risk of developing heart disease, liver and nervous system.

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