Gastritis - causes, symptoms and treatment

Unfortunately, statistics say that today many people suffer from such diseases as gastritis. This is a serious disease that involves inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach. There is an acute form of the disease, when it occurs for the first time, as well as the chronic stage, when the gastritis constantly accompanies man.

The treatment of the stomach should not be carried out until that moment, until it is accurately diagnosed. Gastritis can be identified by the following symptoms:

• The occurrence of unpleasant mouth odor;

• sudden loss of appetite;

• heartburn;

• feeling nausea;

• frequent constipation;

• incessant rumbling in the stomach.

However, even the presence of all these signs is not to say 100% of the first appearance of the disease, should be tested, and only then to start treatment.

The cause of the disease

1. Effect on gastric acid-fast bacteria, fungi. These microorganisms are embedded in the wall of the gastric mucosa harming her shell.

2. Poor nutrition, which is accompanied by frequent overeating or malnutrition. The reasons can be attributed to the lack in the body of plant foods, which are rich in vitamins and fiber.

3. Food poisoning.

4. Drinking alcohol in large quantities.

5. Allergic reaction to certain foods.

6. Drugs, irritating the mucous membrane.


The disease should be treated under strict supervision of a gastroenterologist. Depending on the stage and type of disease, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment. This is usually the application of various adsorbing and antacid remedies. Appointed calcium carbonate, drugs such as Almagell, aluminium phosphate gel and some others.

To normalize the digestive processes, conducted a comprehensive treatment injections of vitamins, aloe, etc.

In addition, it is important to follow a specific diet. You should not eat meats, spices, fried (in the case of gastritis with high acidity). For diseases with low acidity, on the contrary, it is recommended to use spices, vegetables and dairy products.

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During treatment it is necessary to refuse from alcohol and Smoking. Treatment usually takes place at home.

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